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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
It is not easy to avoid the female player in mixed.

She will spend more time at net, and the women often play very close to net. Say I am receiving the 4.0 guy's serve in the deuce court. How am I supposed to take that serve and re-direct it at the woman well enough that she won't have an easy volley put-away?

Also, remember that doubles players have patterns of play that they prefer. Returning crosscourt is the bread and butter, as is hitting to the player who is deeper in the court and driving the ball up the middle. These strategies won't steer the ball to the opposing female. Then what?
Are 4.0 men's serve that different to return from a lady's 4.0, from a lady's perspective? Hitting a cross court ball cleanly off a serve should be apart of ones toolbox, especially in doubles right?

As for hitting at the lady, in my very small amount of mixed I was told that you should be going for percentages, not the weaker player on return. If I'm playing someone with a half decent serve, take the net person out of the equation and return it deep cross court. It gives my team enough time to help move in, and if my partner has the chance to poach, it normally happens.

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