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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
Yes, these tiers deserve some comment.
In tier 1, you have listed three players Gonzales, Rosewall, Laver, plus others like Newcombe, Emerson, Sedgman all of whom rated Hoad number one all-time.
I don't think that Hoad belongs in a "tier", he is more in a category of his own, the strongest player, but also the most range of strokes of any player.
Also, you have named 29 players. How about cutting it down a bit, to about 12? Like this:
1) Hoad
2) Gonzales
3) Laver
4) Federer

These first four rankings are Rosewall's own choice in 2010.
Plus the following, my own choices:

5) Rosewall
6) Budge
7) Kramer
Sedgman (when engaging his "extra gear")
9) Vines
10) Sampras
11) Borg
12) Tilden

Tough to judge Richard Williams in 1914 to 1916, or even Lacoste and Cochet.
Below this, you could give honourable mention to Emerson, Newcombe, Trabert, Ashe, Nastase, Smith, Connors, McEnroe, Becker, Rafter, Edberg, Perry, Crawford, etc.
Dan, I feared your "revenge" on NadalAgassi.

Being sarcastic I could agree that Hoad does not belong to a tier or would emerge in tier 0 (zero) as his record is rather "humble"

Putting Tilden at place 12 is as bizarre as Hoad's first place.

I wonder how many years must come till you begin to realize that those players who rank Hoad at first place have done it with regard to Lew's peak play and NOT regarding his achievements that are not worth of a top tier!!!

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