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The fact is that a lot of exporters lower the price of their products to gain access and success in the us market, so other countries effectively subsidise competition in america.

That's probably the reason why manufacturers now stop tw from exporting to other countries. Its a form of monopoly pricing in smaller markets.

The fact is that balls may cost more in Australia but the minimum wage is higher so the real factor is affordability, not price.

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My US college buddy who lives in a Melbourne suburb pays almost twice as much for a bottle of Yellow Tail there than I do here.

I do not think the country of origin makes much difference in the price of goods in Australia; the cost of doing business in general seems to be much higher. Just seems to be a difference in philosophy in the way folks live. More government services result in needing higher revenues and thus higher costs in most everything.

BTW: He also buys private health insurance to enhance and further ensure his prompt and competent access to specialized medical care.

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