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Originally Posted by boredone3456 View Post
Doris Hart (18 majors finals, won 6) should be somewhere in there
As should Lottie Dodd and maybe Blanche Bingley

Tier 1: Navratilova, Graf, Evert, Court, Wills, Lenglen
Tier 2: Serena, Connolly, King
Tier 3: Seles, Bueno, Marble, Hart, Henin
Tier 4: Venus, Chambers, Goolagong, DuPont, Brough, Mallory
Tier 5 : Hingis, Gibson, Dodd, Bingley, Sharapova

Honorable mentions to Mandlikova, Davenport, Vicario, Fry, Wade, Helen Hull Jacobs

I appreciate your list, especially at tier 1.

It's great that you include Bingley-Hillyard who has been awesome at Wimbledon over decades.
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