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Default Wilson K-Hammer 2.7---really???

I have always had a modest backswing and used widebody racquets to help supply me with some extra power. I have used Wilson 4.0 Hammers for years and always had one or two 2.7 Hammers sitting around somewhere. Well, a couple weeks ago I saw an ad here on TW for a Wilson K-Hammer 2.7!!! What the...?!?!?!? Seriously? After all these years, a new racquet that is widebody, head-heavy, and that powerful at a standard length? Looks great too. I had to find out, so I ordered one. First time I played with it, it felt like magic and I played better singles than I have in quite some time. Thing is, I have never seen this racquet on the Wilson website. Does anyone know the story behind it? Cause for me and my game, it is a genie in a bottle! Anybody got the dirt on this racquet?
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