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Want to try some of the lowest price polys (anything you can get in a reel for for about $60 or less) that generate GOOD SPIN:
Discho Iontec Hexa
Golden Set Snake-Bite
Golden Set Hex
Pro's Pro Spin Strings

1 set of Lux Big Banger BB Power 1.25
1 set of Lux Big Banger BB Rough 1.25
1/2 set of Technifibre Syn Gut 1.30
Reel of Forten Competition Nylon
Several dampeners ("W", Head, green clover, etc).

RACQUETS: Vantage 95 (Strung: 11.5 oz, 5HL, 67ra, 16x19, 26.5")
CURRENT STRING: Genesis BM 16 @ 56lbs Mains / OGSM (natural) 17 @ 60lbs Crosses
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