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Originally Posted by Disneos View Post
So lately I've been going through some arm and shoulder problems, been going to an orthopedic and physical trainer, getting my strength back and it's getting better, I have to start competition soon ( hopefully with a fully waked shoulder otherwise more down time for me ) anyways I'm looking at a few racquets and wondering if anyone here has aged with them and want to hear opinions, basically looking for, overall comfort ( no arm pain etc ), good control and touch, good on serve, and low to medium power as I generate my own.

Racquets :
Donnay formula 100
Donnay pro one 16 x 19
Tecnifibre tfight vo2 max 325
Volkl power bridge 10 mid

Would most likely be stringing any of these with a soft multi ( tecnifibre x-one biphase 17 )
Out of these choices I would try the Pro One first. It fills all your criteria and it will work with many styles of player. The F100 is pretty stiff and very powerful.
The Head Prestige MP or the Radical Mp are 2 other good choices.
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