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Originally Posted by darklore009 View Post
Just curious on how heavy you tried a racket at. I'm currently playing with my 13.5oz k90 with a swingweight of 355. I used to play for a high school team, and many people tried to use my racket. They complained that it's really heavy. They even asked me how did i get used to it. almost all of them use a pure drive plus because of coach. I like my racket because it stands out from the rest. it also unique to my playing style and almost everyone can't use it.
An old Jack Kramer wood racquet, which I still pull out now and then to sharpen up. Good idea that, I will tell you it forces you back to basics, makes YOU play instead of the racquet, then when you get your high tech bells and whistles built in radar racquet I think it makes you play better

PS: Don't know what the Kramer weight, probably 13-14
Wilson K-Factor 95, NXT Control at 62 lbs
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