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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Don't forget Djoker is using a prostock that starts out extremely light so it shouldn't be a problem for them to spec it out to whatever he uses without much issue of odd hotspots.

He may well do, I was just stating my findings for anyone who wants to feel a what a truely beautiful racquet feels like once specd like Djokos.

but.... if you're not used to a rather heavy racquet, your timing will be messed up for a lil bit and your arm will become fatigued faster, but if one endures it will make you stronger and give you more endurance......and give you a lil bit of a different play style because you dont have to force shots so much.....once the racquet starts its swing path it will do some nice work pretty much by itself. and MOSTLY the mass truely cushions and attenuates alot of dirty elbow no mo, well unless you string really tight with a poly or something similar.

I believe im quite right about the LM rad because I see very similar ball physics to on screen djoko shots, not kidding.

anyways just thought id give my 2 cents to help other peeps because its christmas and everyone deserves a shot with playing with a magic wand like this.

You know what I wish, I wish all players had to play with one type of racquet......then it would be totally down to the individual on how good he or she is.

I still believe Feds racquet is the best ever, but those secrets will prob die with him, well maybe not that, but they'll be kept within a tight circle.
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