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Originally Posted by bjk View Post
So did Harrison drill holes in a PST? Or is that frame made custom for him by Babolat?
That was an experimental frame he used for a few weeks in 2011 at the start of the season......but overall has been using the PSLtd (including the original black orange model pre 200 with the normal woofer grommets. He likes old school sticks and has been pretty stubborn not wanting to switch - ( his brother Christian also was a PSLtd user until this summer when he took the plunge with the Pure Drive) My daughter was at academy for almost 2 years at the same time as them and Ryno has a tendency to leave plenty of busted sticks in his wake
In fact there are plenty of pics of Harrison online where you can plainly see he is using a PSLtd and the normal grommets and woofer.

At IMG a few weeks ago he was on court hitting with a Storm Tour so don't be surprised if at the start of the season that's what he is toting.......
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