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Well done, sir. Well done. One of my all-time favorite frames. And I'm guessing you were able to load up on them at that insanely cheap closeout price. My compliments. The Limited is one of those frames made for the esteemed gentleman.

In these parts, man, I'm totally crushing on these TGKs. Played about as well as I can tonight and split a couple of marathon sets in two hours time, both of us playing at a very high level. Same story tonight - played one set with my standard length and one with my extended, and I'm just ripping the court open with sharper angles with the standard and then just peppering the baseline with consistently deep, heavy shots with the extended. I lost the second set with the extended, but just barely -- had two set points I couldn't convert and I really played about equally well with both, just a little differently.

Two-handed backhand VERY much improved after a lesson last week. Key thing I wasn't doing: turning/twisting into the shot with my torso. Instead I was kind of staying planted with the feet and standing too straight up and letting the arms do too much of the work. Big thing was practicing twisting so much into the shot with the body so that the back leg would kind of swing around in the follow-through to land toward the side of the court as a recovery step. Also did a very helpful drill in which I had to actually let go of the racquet with my right hand during my follow-through, so as to force yourself to really swing all the way through with that left hand. Totally shows you how the left hand/arm should really be doing all of the work on the two-hander (other than shoulder and torso turn, of course)

It's funny -- my coach is a total Agassi-**** like I've become. On both the forehand and backhand that we've now worked on in lessons, he's brought me in to look at Agassi slow-mo video of his strokes on both wings.

Backhand still a work in progress but tonight, was definitely on the way back.
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