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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
look....I'm 53 years old and doing the best I can
if there are some things that are easy enough to change, I will try and change them. But most people here are a little unrealistic about what I can do given my age and lack of flexibility and practice time.

I agree with you that balance and lack of leg usage is one of my overall issues. I am working on that all the time and wish I could just press a button that says "engage core" . For some reason I feel more comfortable straight up and down and really have to make a point of bending and using my lower half more.
Let me explain a bit further. From what I have seen, especially with your backhand, your pretty flexible and it appears that you can't find enough support when pushing off. I have relatively high arches and tend to walk on the outsides of my feet. If I have shoes on which pushes me slightly inward while walking, I have noticed that I can move a lot better on court. Maybe in your case (obviously I don't know your foottype) it could be a matter of finding the right shoe(type).
In running shoes there's a lot of info on pronation and the sort of shoe that suits. In tennis however, it seems to be a matter of trail and error.
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