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Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
We payed a little less than that but a Four Seasons will always be on the pricey side. You're paying for a beautiful and exquisite setting and a level of service I've never seen anywhere. Go take a whiz in the beach bathroom and there's sure to be a guy waiting to do the "tap" of the last few drops for you.
Think I'll avail of the $500 a night 'no-tap' package...

In general, high end hotel accommodation has been subject to raging inflation...blame The cite an extreme example, Ritz-Carlton just opened a place in Puerto Rico, hardly the centre of the luxury universe...rack rates start at a farcical $1500 a night. So actually, this place sounds very reasonable for a high-end resort.

Also, in general, it's very rare to have the small luxury hotel / good tennis combo, so Ollinger's heads-up is very welcome.
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