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Originally Posted by storypeddler View Post
Nothing against you personally, man, but wouldn't you agree that, overall, a player like you just described yourself---one who went to and did well at sectionals---would almost certainly be moving into the very top echelon of your respective level? I would think that those players who perform very strongly at the sectional level are probably playing at a level above 95% or more of all players at their level nationally. At least for that time period. If that is true, it seems sort of reasonable to me that they would be bumped up---or al least not at all unreasonable that they were.
I am not sure why I should take this personally ... I agree.

I was surprised when I was not bumped last year, but I understand the time it takes to raise a rating. I was getting frustrated that the only competitive league matches I would get would not happen until the postseason.
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