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Originally Posted by verite View Post
Hey - I just restrung with VS 17 gut (as usual) and it feels REALLY stiff.

Did : 1) the string get stiffer by design?
2) I just get used to the feeling of 15 month-old string.
3) Did I get an unusually stiff batch?

PS, ignore my footer. It's way out of date. Now I use an Ezone Xi 100 with full gut.
Babolat changed the construction of VS to make it more durable (in theory) but the result is that it's also more stiff. They reduced the number of layers or strands that make up the string.

Wilson Natural Gut is closest to the old VS. Some say it IS the old VS as Babolat supposedly makes Wilson's gut for them.

Recently I tried Wilson and VS in a head to head test. I get more spin and control with the VS but less comfort. I get more power and comfort with Wilson but far less spin and less control. We're talking fine shades of gray here but the differences were noticable, especially on spin.

I decided to stick with VS because I feel it works better as the mains with a poly cross (more spin than Wilson). For full bed I could see using Wilson as in full bed the difference in spin is tiny but the difference in comfort is much larger.

All that being said, gut can play dull when fresh and becomes a pillow over time. Give the fresh VS time to break in and then decide. My son uses full bed of VS Touch and hates playing with anything else once the SB is broken in.
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