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Originally Posted by Mighty Matteo View Post
I would be willing to bet that the kick serve is the root cause of your problems if you feel the pain really low in your back and especially on the left side if you are a righty.If this is the case, you just need to rest your lower back and avoid kick serves. Slice serves are the easiest on a sore back. Flat serves are a little more violent and stressful. this common with many players
It's indeed on the left side.
I had a match sunday, was so sore yesterday (Monday), however today i'm fine. Hence why I don't think it's my herniated disc that is causing the issue. According to my doctor/physiotherapist when I saw them last time, they said the disc was back in place.

As for stretching my hamstring, I just lie down on the floor and raise my leg straight in the air and pull it back gently toward me for 30 secs X 3 reps.
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