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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
Alright, played a total of 5 1/2 hrs of tennis today with some of the mentioned demos - 2.5hrs of singles (just hitting) w/a college level friend, 30min food break, & 3hrs of doubles (using just the BLX Blade) with random opponents/partners.

Extreme 2.0 Pro - Ross, you're going to like this one. Head took a page out of Volkl's book and put big grommets at 3&9, just like you'll find on the V1's. It plays almost exactly like a PDR2012 but swings even lighter and faster, and feels pretty soft on impact. It doesn't have a stiff feel like the PD's & is vibe free. I think this might even top the Formula 100 in terms of comfort & feel but I'll need more time with it. I didn't get to serve w/it yet. Mods were 1.25 grams at 12.

BLX Blade '11 - Long post here, as comparing the BLX Blade to the ADPGT w/PLX is like comparing apples to oranges with their different headsize, beam design, and string pattern. I don't think I'll need to say much more about after this though. Blade came w/a k-grip instead of the stock leather pro hybrid grip, I added 5.5 grams at the buttcap to compensate for the lack of leather grip as it felt too light on the swing at the handle end. Started with 1gm at 12 but ended up w/only .5gm which I could have done without too. My usual frame is 11.7-8gm SW340, but somehow this 11.2-3oz SW335 frame felt pretty beefy & I can totally see why PP and that Peliwo guy just play it stock - I'd probably just play it stock as well. Very solid feeling, foam filled, firm and stiff feeling but with some flex. Was strung w/full bed of an unknown poly but it had more power off the ground than my APDGT w/Pro Line X/Forten Sweet (its really a low powered set up). Both offered a high degree of control (I'm amazed what this PLX stuff does in the APDGT, great in doubles for me but too little power in singles) Groundies: more pop & a consistent, low trajectory w/the Blade, but I was able to mix up spin, pace, & trajectory to throw off opponents better with the APDGT. I'm in a transitional phase between 1-2HBH so I rely on slice a lot right now, luckily ppl don't seem to deal with it too well. Blade had much better control on slice but it wasn't skidding or spinning as aggressively as with the APDGT, I was still getting weak replies but was not forcing as nearly as many UE's. Great control on the 1HBH & felt confident to attack with it. More pop and much easier to put the ball away on volleys using the APDGT/PLX. The Blade swung really fast and easy on serves with good pop. I haven't practiced or worked on my serve in a long time so my technique is almost non-existent right now. With the Blade I hit a flat trajectory 1st serve with a lot of topspin that hovered around the low 80mph range @ about 70%, good enough against rec players as very few came back. Placement with the Blade was quite good. 2nd serve was awful on my part but thankfully I didn't have to hit too many. Didn't get to try any of the flatter, faster serves yet as I'm not sure how many I could pull off in a game w/out practice. At first the Blade felt really firm and lower powered in general, but as the day went on I found the stringbed to feel much softer and I was getting better power on groundies than with the Extreme - perhaps I adjusted better to the Blade and my timing got worse w/the lighter swinging Extreme Pro. Good game results with the Blade so far(it was an easy transition), I think it would play better with a hybrid and its definately a racket I can switch to, but right now I'm not sure if I will switch and what I would actually gain from doing so.

F 3.0 Tour was awsome, more on this another time.
Fascinating stuff, Ray. Look forward to further frame feedback posts. Without doubt, and as you're pretty familiar with my frame tastes/requirements, from what you say, you've got me interested in the Extreme Pro a bit now. Plus also, the Blade does sound intriguing, though it's the new open pattern is the one that's been on my mind of late.
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