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I think we are forgetting the whole reason people flock to f l e a b a y in the first place?

High volume sellers don't have the time or more so the patience to research every little thing they come across especially with how obscure some of these items can be. They're not going to bother looking for that buyer paying top dollar either. Rather than ignorance, I think it is safe to say in her position it is about moving out inventory as quick as possible. When these types of sellers list, they are fully willing to make big bucks by pricing things authoritatively on what they know or risking the "true" value of like items (such as this) by learning their worth from selling them time and time again.

Let's just say with that transaction she got a little closer to learning about the value of older sticks.

Also, I don't see how it is any different than if this was the other half of the story:
Originally Posted by retrowagen View Post
Without knowing the full story, it's not really possible to make a complete "ethics judgment," is it? She may have gotten the pair from a thrift store for $5.00 each, then felt (as a non-nerd racquet collector) totally ecstatic to get $100 for the pair. ???
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