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Originally Posted by Boricua View Post
Yesterday I practiced a few minutes with a Pure Drive Roddick 2007 model. My tennis partner wanted to test it and loved it. He traded one of his rackets the Pure Storm, the black and copper color, for my PDR. I liked this Pure Storm alot. Nice weight, comfortable and good control. Its less powerful than the APD and PDR. Could be an option for me. It has a solid hit with that distinct Babolat feel. It was strung witj poly mains and gut crosses. We will see how it compares with the 2013 APD and with the Volkl Classic V1. I also played yerterday with a Wilson Hammer 7.3.ight weigjht and 110 head. Weird playing with such big a racket head but it created effortless spin and had very good feel. Was strung with Kirshbaum Pro Line 1 at 60 and gut at 58. A bit light though and a bit too much power in flat shots but overall a great racket that surprisem more so as this Wilson has some years.
Excellent racketaholicking.

For my part, having just gone through the old frames I still have laying around, and inspired by some recent post exchanges with Gads, I'm planning on taking out a Rad Tour Twin Tube standard and the XL one too, as well as a slightly damaged old Triple Threat Warrior (how I got this frame I don't know. I certainly don't think I ever played with it due to a crack in the hoop.) It will only be a brief hit but could be fun.
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