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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
If the poll included Roddick, i pick him.
Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
If the poll included Rios, I'd pick him.

If you look at Roddick's game and his weapons, one might say he was an over-achiever. And yes, he played in the era of Federer.
Outside of his serve and maybe you could argue a little for his forehand, what weapons did Roddick really have? He was slow, couldn't volley well, his backhand wasn't too good. He had an overpowering serve, one of the best ever.

All the others mentioned had far more in the tank than Roddick.

The choice here for me comes down to Stich and Ivanisevic. Stich had a very smooth beautiful style of play and some loved his backhand. I wasn't as big a fan of it. I saw Agassi tear it apart in their US Open final.

Goran imo had the greatest individual weapon of all of these four in his super duper serve. I thought his overall strokes were good and his movement was good. I guess I'll go with Goran. He should have won a lot of majors. He was able to win on all surfaces.

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