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I"ve had this and it's a b!tich but I healed up 100%. When I had it the first steps in the morning were very painful. I believe Ihad caused it by playing in ill fitting worn sneakers for a whole season.
Here's what I did:
1. I bought shoes designed for this issue by Brooks just so I could walk without too much pain.
2. I stopped playing tennis for months --I had little tears in the bottom of my foot and I had to let them heal.
3. Massaged the bottom of my foot on a tennis ball while sitting down --kinda rolling it around.
4. When the pain subsided a bit I started to stretch the whole leg. You don't have to become a yoga guru but being flexible is paramount in tennis. I wish I were more so.

Also, seeing a physical therapist can be good esp. if they use ultrasound.
Anywho, I wear Nikes now and it hasn't been an issue for years.
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