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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
International players are heavily marketed here in the United States, and our American counterparts are being singled out! (parent)
Iím not sure I understand this statement. If someone could clarify for me, that would be helpful.

From experience, most USTA coaches only support players here in the United States who are highly ranked! (parent)
Thatís a problem inherent in the Player ID and Player Development departments of USTA. Those departments are charged with identifying players who have the potential to become our next American champions. The question becomes: would the dollars allocated to paying the salaries of those coaches be better spent supporting local coaches who are developing top-level players in their own backyards?

The entire Ďtalent idí for pre-adolescents is a complete crap shoot. (K. Kamperman)
Amen, Mr. Kamperman! Iím hoping to see USTA do away with this piece of the puzzle entirely and paint with a broader brush when using its financial resources for player development.

So, if it is a "complete crap shoot", why continue to pour millions into PD?

The Mid-Atlantic region converts every parent into a cash machine and is ultra selective as per the ability of the player they choose to work with. (parent)

I feel that I should homeschool my child just so he/she can get ahead and attend a better school! (parent)
I still donít understand how the proposed changes are going to reduce missed school days. Can someone please explain that one to me? Is homeschooling going to become the necessary norm for those wanting to achieve the highest levels in junior tennis? Is it already the norm?

Wow, folks, if you are pulling your kid out of school to attend a better college, they still have to be able to do the high level work in college.
My daughter plays a college sport and why the coach cares about her performance, she doesn't care if she has a high level job when she is 40.

By expanding the participation base here in the United States, we have a wider audience to draw from, player-wise! (K. Kamperman)

When my child is being coached at a club, I have no idea how to measure the quality of the program with regard to the training environment! (parent)
This is where USTA could really step in and prove to be a valuable resource to parents. I hope the parent quoted here finds my blog and reads my series on Choosing A Coach!

I am in favor of increased draw sizes at the national level, tournament wise! (parent)
Me, too!

You [the USTA] need to make the draws more backended! (parent)
What does that mean?

We have to look at the structure, with regard to the rankings. (K. Kamperman)
Iím not sure what Mr. Kamperman is saying here. Is he concerned about the current PPR ranking system? If so, Iím very glad to hear that and hope that it is re-evaluated to include head-to-head competition.

There isnít any other ranking system in any other sport that doesnít come under heavy scrutiny! (K. Kamperman)

Iíd like to see more American players get more scholarships. (D. Haggerty)
Me, too, Mr. Haggerty! How is USTA going to make that happen? Is it going to take a firmer stand with NCAA and college coaches and athletic directors? We need USTA to advocate for our kids in this regard.

I think it is good for both the American and International players to compete with one another. (D. Haggerty)
That is why the ITF circuit is such a great option for many players.

If that is so, why were so many ITFs cut in this country?

The USTA is not in the driverís seat for college scholarships. (K. Kamperman)
Right. Those rules are established by NCAA. USTA could, however, take a stronger position and advocate for increased scholarships on the menís side and for limiting the number of scholarships that go to international players. The NJCAA has already paved the way.

Well, we all saw the USTA exert pressure on the NCAA with the proposed college tennis changes, why can't they exert the same pressure about a 2 man foreign cap per team?
Not to be cynical, but probably because that doesn't help the USTA get the two players into the US Open. If college tennis had a bunch of 4 star and 5 stars playing with their blue chips, that would be the kiss of death.

The parentsí feedback and recommendations have no value with regard to influencing change within the USTA. (parent)
I think these listening meetings prove otherwise. At the very least, USTA is making an effort to get feedback directly from those of us affected by these proposed changes. Whether or not it acts on that feedback is yet to be seen. Iím trying to remain hopeful.

Actually, I don't understand the concept of a listening tour.
What would be better would be a Q and A where they actually responded to valid complaints.

The players from Florida and California are complaining that other sections have weaker competition. (parent)
The statistics confirm that fact. I looked at the November 2012 National Standing List for the Boys 18s Ė the sections with the most players in the top 100 are (in order) Southern California (17), Texas & Southern (tied with 12), Florida & Eastern (tied with 10), and ******* (9).

If I was running the USTA like a business, I donít know why I would limit American playersí options! (parent)

Folks, that is a veiled threat. There is talk that if the USTA goes through with these changes, there are a few deep pocket tennis folks who will start another tennis association and I believe TRN will cover those matches.

I think it is good business if the USTA supports the passion of players here in the US. (parent)

The emotional rollercoaster that my child suffers, because of the extreme pressure in performing, is hampering his passion to wanna compete. (parent) High-level competition isnít for everyone. Parents have to look at each child to determine whatís in his/her best interest. One thing I will say is that, at least in the Southern section, there are many levels of competition from which to choose. For a player who doesnít thrive under the pressure of high-level play, there are other options to still compete but at a lower stress level.

Parents arenít seeing developmental plans from USTA coaches. (parent)
Again, I feel like USTA could really be a positive force if it would become more of a guide for parents trying to navigate the complicated tournament and development system.

Weíre gonna look at all recommended proposals and pass them on to section leaders. (K. Kamperman)
A question that was posed on the ParentingAces Facebook page: ďWhat will compel USTA to change anything as a result of holding these Ďlisteningí meetings?Ē I would really like to hear USTAís answer to this question as I think itís a crucial piece of the puzzle.

This is why we need to communicate NOW with our section presidents and let them know our thoughts on these proposed changes. Time is of the essence.
...may be a good thing for the overclass to start, it will pretty much eliminate the vocal opposition, cull the silent opposition and allow the USTA to implement the changes for better or worse. Definitely not a reason to chuck the changes.
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