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I've had PF of varying severity for 20 years and have tested just about every approach. Some people have it real severe, some have it mild. Some have it mainly in the heel area and some it over the entire sole of the foot. I doubt that it 100% curable for someone that stresses their feet often, like avid tennis players on a hardcourt. The goal is to keep it under control.

Some brief tips from my experience:

-ice pack the soles of your feet often especially after tennis or any walking.
-stretch the achilles tendon often especially after and before sleeping
-you definitely need a special insole or heel support in the tennis shoe that is more shock absorbent than what the shoe company provides. Inflasoles are the most extreme solution.
-a tight taping of the sole of the foot can help but it can get too time consuming on a daily basis.
-night splints help but can be annoying

good luck
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