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Originally Posted by Tennis120PlayerA View Post
Thanks for the replies, everyone! Does anyone know where I can find something online regarding specifically tennis and the Alexander Technique?
There's little or no info about AT and tennis, but I know at least one coach who is also an AT teacher.

AT is still not well known in athletic realm while it is very well known in dance, acting, and performing arts field. There are lots of books about AT on Amazon and getting a book is probably the best way to introduce yourself to AT. Anatomy books by Dr. Dimon (AT teacher) are fantastic functional anatomy books that deal with principled approach to posture and form. There are numerous websites about AT. Check out the concept.

You'll have to connect the dots between the AT and tennis yourself but I think it's worth it for someone who's serious about tennis. This is not a simple and quick solution but rather more of a comprehensive and systemic approach imo.
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