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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
I guess that's my biggest problems with these advertising. Just how much of this stuff is in the actual racquet? Like you said in your case, "D3O" does work, but how much of it is in the frame? Head doesn't release the % composition, it's entirely possible that manufacturers use the bare minimum just so they can put the sticker on the frame. Is the bare minimum significant enough make a difference, or is it negligible? And in some cases, it's just false advertising, such as Babolat's Cortex system.
A tremendous amount of research, development and testing goes into making racquets and new materials are introduced for various reasons; cutting costs, better performance or feel. Having tested for several companies, I have a new appreciation for what's done. However this is where we get into a tough area as how much material is needed to make a personal impact while maintaining racquet integrity. The problem is the answer will vary from person to person. For Head D3O is only placed in the throat area which is the primary pivot point where the material has the best impact.

As an example, some of our customers with really good volleying skills dont like the YT feel as they get too much pop, but some love it; it's a personal thing. Players who have tested the new Cortex in both the PD and APD stated that they can really feel a difference and again, some like it some dont. The key is to test a frame till you find what works best for you and to play with the heaviest frame you feel comfortable with.

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