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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
As a Serena fan I am used to that. People are often the same way with her. Excuses everytime she wins anything just like Murray. Granted in her case it is the blatant racism and sexism of this forum, so being a very musuclar, black, and feminine women it is expected
Far too often, posters on here just cannot be objective enough when talking about players they either like or dislike. If they like them, then they must be the best thing since sliced bread and cannot possibly have any faults or weaknesses and can only lose if they are injured or because of some outrageous bad luck. If they dislike them, then they are simply arrogant, cheating bas****s who can only ever win anything either by cheating or via the most outrageous good luck! With these kind of posters, it is all or nothing whereas the more mature of us understand that the truth always lies somewhere in-between if not the complete opposite!

In addition to Serena and Murray, I find Nadal to be the most constantly vilified player on here and I often wonder in the two latter cases if it is the fact that they happen to be the only top players who currently have a positive H2H v Federer that plays a part in so much of the hate?

Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
not sure what it is about Murray that irks people so however.
In addition to the possible Federer H2H factor, another reason is undoubtedly the ridiculous animosity from many British posters on here who can never forgive Murray for having once supposedly said in a TV interview that he would support anyone but England at the last World Cup. The actual true context of the interview, the jokey humour of the banter between Murray and Tim Henman, the well-known mutual rivalry of English and Scottish football supporters was distorted and misreported by various unscrupulous journalists. In another thread, Batz has explained all this much more thoroughly.

Some people just can't take to Murray much either as a person or as a player or both but can still recognise him as one of the best players on the tennis circuit today with some amazing results to justify that description. These are the more mature tennis fans whose views I have no problems respecting. From what you have said on here, I believe you are one such person.

What really gets me is the ridiculous confusion many of the more irrational posters on here have in separating their emotions from their judgement eg. I don't like Serena or Rafa or Murray therefore Serena or Rafa or Murray must be a bad player just because I don't like them. Those type of people are impossible to argue with or have any kind of rational discussion with because they cannot separate their feelings from their ability to judge and so are best avoided or, better still, ignored altogether and I think we both have a good idea who exactly we are talking about in most cases!
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