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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Fuji, IME there is a lot of difference between the serve of a 4.0 guy and a 4.0 gal.

In ladies, I hardly ever face a server who has a serve I will struggle to return. Most of the first serves are flat and come nice and straight. Most of the second serves are a modified push -- just a slower version of the first -- or are puffballs.

The 4.0 guys will have more pace on their flat serve. But the biggest difference is that the 4.0 guys can use spin to confound or to yank you off the court. So if I am receiving on the ad court and the guy hits a slice up the middle, there's just no way I can get enough on the return to go at the woman or down her alley. Gotta send it right back to the guy server.
Yea perhaps therw is no greater stroke that differs between men and women than the serve. There are just so few women that hit serves with spin. I suspect in ladies play the woman with a kicker is special indeed.

I have consistently found the best serve to a woman is a slicing serve moving out and away from her forehand. Never give them flat unless you are sending a message. Often you will see it blocked back over the net man.
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