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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post

Funny thing is that, he himself has said that his pop music is all crap, but it paid really, really well.
Someone mentioned there was an entertaining radio interview he did with Alec Baldwin on NPR where he said as much. Good for him.

Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
He has a brother Alexander of some fame that is a conductor in Europe. People **seem** to suggest that he is 10 times the musician that Billy is.
Yeah, perhaps. But who cares? In his defense, there are thousands of great musicians out there, but how many can write and record "Captain Jack"?

Originally Posted by stringertom View Post
B]She's Always A Woman[/B] and the wedding song staple Just The Way You Are are classic love songs...Allentown is a solid socioballad...Only the Good Die Young flat out rocks
Presumably these are some of the songs Joel himself admits are crap. 'Cause they are.

Originally Posted by ollinger View Post
I came to see after a while the anger and misogyny in his music and began to find it simply creepy a decade or so ago. An article about him in "Slate" appeared a few years ago, entitled "The Worst Pop Singer Ever." It's worth reading, as it really hits on the disturbing and somewhat pointless rage of much of his work. Maybe he particularly appeals to the "disgruntled"?
Really? Weird. Never thought of it. Admittedly I only know the big hits and 70's and 80's stuff, but I didn't detect any huge amount of anger or misogyny in any of that.

Oh, maybe in that laughably bad "Big Shot" song?
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