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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
It depends. In regards to Wilson, say the 90, the specs of the K-90 and the new PS BLX 90 are almost identical, so the question is "Does Basalt make a difference"? No, no big time.

Try a K-Factor 95 and a new 6.1 BLX 95, no real difference, weight is weight, balance is balance, stiffness is stiffness, the thing that matters are the specs, not the materials. Different deal of course with strings.
In my opinion, the K95 and the BLX95 play differently. Some of it is the specs-the BLX95 has a slightly lower swingwieght and is slightly more flexible. However, I definitely felt the BLX95 played more muted, softer and less boardy. Is that the basalt or the flex rating?
I noticed a similar thing with the K90 and the BLX90 although the difference was pretty negligble with those two racquets.
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