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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
Hey Rabbit!
Wanted to ask you why you switched from the team100 to the warrior. Anything in particular or just wanted a change? Wanted to pick one up to mess around with, is it that much stiffer than the exo100? I'm assuming the feel is somewhat in the same ball park.

Also, BigM had mentioned that some of his frames had cracked or broke, has anyone else had a frame crack on them? Until now, I can happily report that no frames have cracked/broke on me.
Originally Posted by wolfinsignia View Post
im not rabbit, but its a really nice stick if you want power and diversity in your play. but control was way off for me, and it was hard to play with heavier pace. but that was only for a week's worth of demo. im sure if i tried to play with it more i would've adjusted to the balance alot better and got happier results. it doesn't feel any stiffer than the tour but definitely nowhere near as flexible.

and as scratch up as my racquet is, there no cracks. as aggressive as my playstyle is, i would never let my racquet get scratched up except when i frame the ball. which i do often, and usually it would be the reason frames crack unless you whip it at the ground. so i'd say its pretty durable.
sorry about the late reply. The Warrior is, as wofinsigna posted, more powerful than the Tour. It is a tad bit stiffer, but still supremely comfortable. IMO, it feels more solid off the ground. I've been off court since the 1st of November with a torn soleus, and hope to be back on first part of next year.

The Warrior feels more solid than the Tour IMO. I'm was just starting to use Beast/Attack in it, and need some more time.
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