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Another entertaining thread. rafafan20, maybe you're reading too much into it, maybe not. From your account, it seems like you're justifiably perplexed. With these sorts of situations one really has to have been there to witness the controversial behavior first hand. In that regard what matters is whether YOU think the guy was acting crazy or deliberately using gamesmanship. If the latter, then no problem, and the way to preclude any sour taste that that might leave is to just play as well as you can. Then, win or lose, you can walk away with a smile. Psychological gamesmanship is, after all, an integral part of any competitive activity. Learning how to best handle it is as much a part of tennis as learning good strokes.

On the other hand, if you believe the former (that he's maybe a bit off or unpredictably socially d**kish), but taking into account that you indicated you had a good match and that he was gracious in defeat, then just don't deal with him apart from tennis (and maybe make sure that you schedule future matches with him at times when the courts, preferably ones with metal detectors and full time armed security guards, are likely to be empty).
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