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Originally Posted by Gonzalito17 View Post
Winning in tennis, on any level, be it ATP pro, or 2.0, or public park playing is an addiction, even the distinguished Doctor Rafael Nadal specialist in courtology has officially confirmed the diagnosis...

"I don't think there is anything in any area of life that gives you the same rush as winning in sport, whatever the sport and whatever the level. There is no feeling as intense or as joyous. And the more you crave winning, the greater the rush when you succeed," stated Dr. Nadal during a break from his practice in Mallorca.
It seems to me to be somewhat erroneous to think that winning is an addiction. Winning, or losing, is, in the general scheme of things, an inconsequential result of many variables (And insofar as many of those variables can't be controlled, then winning and losing are both accidents. This is what Kipling was referring to in calling both winning and losing imposters, to be treated intellectually, and, most importantly, emotionally the same, by a MAN.).

Any addiction associated with winning or losing is manifested in the form of trying one's best, or not.

We know when we've tried our best. And we know when we haven't. THAT is what is acceptable or difficult to live with. NOT winning or losing.
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