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In the early rounds of a tournament I'd be satisfied only putting in 75% effort as long as I advance. Sometimes the other guy will just hand you the match, other times you can just let the match sort itself out. If the guy puts up a fight and it takes a tough three sets to get the win, that doesn't make that win any more or less significant. I just want to keep competing. Now if I play against the top seed in the first round and play the match of my life and still lose, it feels good to elevate your game but I wouldn't exactly be ecstatic because I'm out of the tournament.

I don't interpret those lines from Kipling's 'If' to mean that win or lose the result is inconsequential, I take it to mean that no matter the result you should show good sportsmanship, be humble when victorious, take pride in a your effort in a loss.

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