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I am currently in Taiwan playtesting this string in 80%+ humidity during the winter season. I will be using both hard court and red clay courts.

Gauge of playtest string : 16G
Tension used for playtest : 55lbs
Regular string set up : Weisscannon Scorpion 50-52bls
Racquet brand and model used for test : Yonex Vcore Tour 97 (330g)

Power of test string : 8/10. I found way too much power on these strings. I was aiming for service box lines for rallies and they were going closer to the baseline.

Feel : 7/10. Meh. A lot of my "touch" volleys and drop shots weren't going where I wanted them to.

Spin : 7/10. Mixed bag here. Sometimes the string would provide some good spin (not great), other times...just simply mediocre.

Comfort : 8/10, This was a very comfortable string! On par with my WC scorpion. Had I strung at a higher tension, I'm sure the comfortableness would be there.

Durability : 8/10. Great durability as well. No complaints here.

Playability Duration : Played about three hours of solid hitting today and it held up nicely, I started feeling the tension dip slightly at the end of hour 3.

Control : I found my WC scorpions were FAR superior in this department. I felt that my shots were spraying sometimes and that not placed as well as I'm used to. The higher power made it fairly difficult to place anything where I wanted it to.

Tension recommendations : I cranked up the tension to 55 lbs, 3 lbs more than what I usually string at, in response to the majority of the play tester's recommendations. I STILL found it to have too much pop.

Compare to the string you use most often : No comparison here. Weisscannon Scorpion is a much better string for my game. This string can definitely benefit the all court player, but I much prefer the Scorpion in all departments, especially tension maintenance, spin, and FEEL.

If you have played with the original Cyclone, please compare : I have played the previous cyclone and that string was heavenly...for the first 7 or so hours. Once the tension dropped, balls would be overshot left and right. While I feel that Volkl has tried to address some of the previous version's tension maintenance, they should have left the spin potential alone. This string is superior in terms for comfort and power. But I would still prefer using the 1st iteration of the cyclone.

This string was odd. I didn't like this string that much, but I didn't hate it either. It fell flatly in the middle, nothing special about it. I could easily overlook this string had I not heard about it. Especially at the price point there are better strings that are cheaper.

Update: Strings cut at hour 10. Just not the string for me.
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