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Originally Posted by newmark401 View Post
That's an interesting discussion. Here are some more early Austrian players: Paul von Hertz Hertenried, who played before World War One; Arthur Zborzil; and Fritz (Felix) Pipes.

Not forgetting the brothers Ludwig von Salm (Ludwig von Salm-Hoogstraeten; 1885-1944) and Otto (Viktor Alfred Maria) Graf von Salm-Hoogstraeten (1886-1941).

I like reading about early lawn tennis too. However, it's quite frustrating trying to find early results using newspapers as they generally only report on tournaments intermittently, and often only publish the results from men's events, or don't even publish those results, but instead just give the names of the winner and runner-up.

The most reliable sources are lawn tennis or sports publications, but these are very difficult to come by.
i read an article yesterday, from 1922 i think it was, that mentioned more than 600 participants in the national championships.
i find that number amazing, having always thought, that tennis in that era was a pastime of only a few
elegos made an interesting point about tennis magazines in central europe not being published after the first world war. do you by any chance know of any pre-war magazines in german language?
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