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Hey peeps....haven't posted in a while but thought I'd chime in:

I played with the 99s and 105s yesterday for a couple hours. 4g-M's/Sensation-X's. I don't know the tension.
1st off, with the 105, I couldn't keep the ball in the court so I went to the 99. I only had a couple hours so I was rather impatient. Deff added considerable more spin but it felt like it lacked in the control department. I noticed a deeper, heavier ball. Approach shots dropped in really well and volley's seemed pretty crisp.
After a while I really started to "hit away" and was quite surprised. I purposely tried to over hit and balls dropped in. I really loved the ball that came off my 1H backhand.
I'm a 51y/o 3.5 player and thinking of replacing my Blade Team (I broke one), and I'd like to use a stick for a few years. My personal conclusion: nice frame, felt good, but not sure it would be a "main stay".
The one thing I absolutely hate about it: the paint job. It seriously reminds me of something you'd see on the shelf at Wal-Mart
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