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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
I see that Tom Ince may move to Liverpool. It is reported as "his father's club". I find that starnge. Paul Ince played for West ham, United, Inter Milan and then Liverpool at the end of his career. Saying that Liverpool was Paul Ince's club is like calling Dennis Law "the former Manchester City player".

Same thing with Sol Campbell in his recent (pretty pointless) interview with the BBC. He referred to Arsenal possessively: 'we,' 'us', 'our' etc. It's funny that you often won't hear that from 'legends' who spent the bulk of their career at a club, but will do from others who spent just a few years. Obviously he cut all ties with Spurs in making the move, so perhaps he feels a tighter bond to the rival club he moved to.

For me, and probably for many, Paul Ince was a United player, but having said that I came in with the Premier League so I have no awareness of his career before that.

With Wilshere, Ramsey, The Ox, Gibbs and Jenkinson all signing long-term deals, it'll be interesting to see whether Wenger's belief in the notion that a group of players that have been nurtured by a club will commit to that club is well founded. It obviously didn't work with the foreign youngsters, and now he puts his faith in the British kids. It may help a little, but the key thing is still making the club competitive again if you want to keep and sign players.
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