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Originally Posted by teocem View Post
I played with Blade 98 16x19 for the first time and for 3 hours today. I think it is a perfectly balanced racquet and expect it to be very popular among above avarage level club players. Almost even balance after stringing, good plough through and lively string bed has impressed me. Serving neeeded adjustment after my Pure Drive 2012 (with total of 2 grams of lead at 3 and 9) but was very consistent after several tries. Drives were very impressing from both sides, achieving good depth. Volleys and overheads were also a breeze. This is a proper balaced stick with no gimmick, it gives you back more or at least what you put into it. I have ordered the second one an will preffer it over my slightly modified Pure Drive because of its thinner profile, enormous feedback and overall performance. I will post more as I play and also answer questions on this thread.
did you have any issues with the heavier swingweight of the new Blade vs your PD? I would imagine you saw an increase of around 10 sw points.
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