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Hi guys

My Fila just arrived today, and what an absolute beauty racket this is

Just some few ware scratches at the top, nice original Fila leather grip in good condition, the cover is almost mint, and has some kind of velvet surface outside and inside (kind like my Max 200G cover, but black - the Max 200G is a classy red) - this one deserves some picks here, but unfortunately I'm not allowed to upload attachments.

It's a really heavy stick (I would say in the 370's grs. range), very head-light, don't have any info about head-size, but seems smaller than a PS 85, and a bit bigger than a GTX-Pro, probably around 80 Sq. I., and it's 100% graphite, so with this specs must be a really stiff racket

The strings are lame, but I'll try to hit a bit tonight, just for the fun - if the rain allows me to...
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