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Originally Posted by newyorkstadium View Post
From reading talktennis, I've learnt that a tightly strung string has more elasticity loss. It also breaks quicker. I've also read that lower tensions aid spin production.

In this sense, a low tension, stiff string plays better then a high tension soft string. What do you think?

High spin potential strings have high string-to-ball friction. Does this wear the strings out quicker?

The string friction rankings is missing out on some strings like VS tonic. Also, the Pacific Classic has a different COF value from the string finder tool.

Thanks again.
Lower tensions might add to spin because there would be lower friction between the strings so they can move laterally more easily and snap-back to induce spin. At the same time, stiffer strings tend to snap back faster and with more force. That will increase spin.

I've never tested wear and friction. I doubt it makes much difference.

The friction tools will continue to add missing strings. But adding new strings has priority over adding older ones. If there is a difference in COF between the two tools, go with the String Finder tool. I'll have to look into why there is a difference. There shouldn't be.
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