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Originally Posted by teocem View Post
Today I played singles for the first time and I completely adored the racquet. First time in the last 5 years I had a rally longer than 30 shots
For the first 10 minutes I had some balls sailing out but increasing the spin got rid of that. The only glich in my mind is that I now want to try 18x20 version too; it may still have enough spin capacity and may be lively enough with better control. I am in a way in heaven and looking for a better heaven.
Maybe somebody who tried both can comment on this ?
I also would like to state that this stick definitely does not have a manuevrability (I am very sensitive on this) problem even though it has a high swing rate.
I would also like to know if the 18/20 has as much spin potential , just with a little more control. I'm really interested in both of these racquets.
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