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Originally Posted by Rafael Nadal
I don't think there is anything in any area of life that gives you the same rush as winning in sport, whatever the sport and whatever the level. There is no feeling as intense or as joyous. And the more you crave winning, the greater the rush when you succeed.
Originally Posted by Kalin View Post
I respectfully disagree that the majority of people accept losing as easily as winning as long as they have tried their best (please correct me if I have misunderstood your point).

The vast majority of people who play organized sports would take winning with a sub-par effort over losing after they have given it all. Guaranteed.

If you want to argue that philosophically it shouldn't matter then you may have a point. But sportspeople are seldom philosophical about the outcome of the games... polite and scripted interviews by the stars notwithstanding.
Kalin, I agree with your points. Most of us, including myself, are probably much more fond of the feeling that winning imparts than the feeling that losing does. No matter how we played. So, I guess we can get addicted, in a sense, to that feeling no matter how it's gotten.

I'm not sure I agree with Nadal's quote. Unless everything in life can be reduced to some sort of sports competition metaphor.
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