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Regarding the SNL skit....
I hate it when a team plays conservative defense against an accurate QB. You'd think the 49'ers, of all teams, should know this.
Thru years of Brodie, Montana, Young, the only teams to beat them sacked their QB's at least 6 times, and knocked him down at least 15 times.
Either that, or they stuffed the run and the pass, by stacking the line of scrimmage.
What, you may ask, is the counter? You rush the QB relentlessly and use fresh legs. You maintain your line gaps, crowd one side, and rush a DB or OLB.
You do not play conservative defense.
And you certainly don't play conservative offense, like running Gore every single 1st and 10 up the middle.
You throw in tons of slants, swing passes, and draw plays.
Little of which the 49'ers tried.
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