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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
I suggested adding at the tip (12) which requires adding less lead tape since it will have the biggest impact. If you counter at the handle with the same amount, you are polarizing the racquet. I have found that racquets which are polarized tend to come around faster -- or at least give the feeling as such -- rather than those weighted near the throat or just in the hoop etc.

Adding weight just in front of the hand can also achieve that feel (at the top of the grip, for instance) but you do not get the benefit of the added plow through that you get from adding weight to the head of the racquet.

WHen experimenting with the lead tape, leave the backing on and stick it to the racquet with duct tape or painters tape etc. Then you can move, remove or add weight easily without damaging the lead tape. Once things feel right, take away the holding tape, peel off the backing from the lead tape and apply permanently.

Hope that helps.
Chris, TW
Seems not that difficult to do but I prefer to let TW customize it (in case I decide to add weight). Initially I will leave it stock and add a bit of lead if necesarry. But, i will reflect a few days over it.

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