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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I have not played the 16x19 blade, but coming from other 16x19s I can tell you that the main difference is the trajectory. The ball is going to be a lot lower. I hit with more precise control, but I can clip the net more as well. That being said, I am still able to whip the racquet and loft the ball when I need to hit deep moonballs.

If you hit with a lot of spin, than the 18x20 will produce a heavier ball that kicks towards the opponent and is very difficult to attack. If you find yourself hitting balls that bounce and kick straight up with a 16x19, than an 18x20 is most likely going to remedy that and provide you more weight behind your shots.

The lightness of the racquet just makes it unfair almost. It does all the things that the heavier, control based players sticks do - amazing feel, solidity, stability, but you get that extra racquet speed so the spin will be better than you think.
Thanks for the insight. Right now I'm using a Youtek Radical MP and I am looking to generate more spin on my shots and am struggling to get enough pace on my serve.
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