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Originally Posted by ramos77 View Post
I'm also in melbournes west pozza!

I've found that many of the clubs aren't run as efficiently as they should be.

A lot more could be done to attract members, it seems they are content to just plod along...

Where are the flyers? Where's the advertising? Where's the involvement with schools?
Whereabouts are you from Ramos?

One of the problems everywhere is that these clubs are run by volunteers and there's often not enough of them.

I suggested to one of the clubs I'm involved in that they could start up social tennis for anyone in the community on Sunday afternoons. Maybe charge a small fee for non-members but if actively pursued it could result in new memberships. No-one on the committee was willing to be there on a Sunday to run it.

To me that's the reason you go on a committee. Whilst everyone's different, if you don't have the time or energy then you probably shouldn't be putting your hand up.

Sadly, the lack of volunteers will eventually see smaller clubs die.
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