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I recently purchased the Q5 295 as my initial PK experience. Selected this frame based on specs in search of a new #1 frame. No arm issues or any other influences- just looking for best new racquet for me, & like others, am finding MUCH higher quality outside the 'big few' brands.

Anyway, my Q 295 arrived looking very sharp & specs were on point. I was honestly unaware of audible moving particles in frame when purchased/ imagine my surprise!!/ but enough solid feedback supporting the technology to crack open the handle wrap & string it up.

Performance has been VERY solid-- clear improvement in topspin groundstrokes & touch over any previous frame, but serve & slice BH have been average for me. These improvements wld def be sufficient, but I just DO NOT like/ cannot get comfortable w the feel-- Comfort is just fine, but assuming the hallmark PK feel is just not for me.
To clarify as well, def NOT a plush feel, but consistent, unique almost thud-like feel, even after a number of string (play poly exclusively, but wide range)/ tension/ weight adjustments over first 2-weeks.

Again, performance is clear upgrade, but need to 'like' playing w frame as well.
Power level & Control are unique, and honestly VERY much standout strengths of this frame// Control more impressively for my game.

Recommend for experienced PK Ionic Tech players, & def worth Demo for all others to render your own opinion.
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