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I know one of the players. He/she did 3 years of traditional high school. Had a high GPA and high SATs. For his/her senior year tennis trained full time and went to Laural Springs. Ivy coaches are good with that. Big advantage to traditional schooled blue chipper with 3.5 GPA and 1900 on SATs over 4 years at Laurel Springs with similar GPA and SATs.
My traditionally-schooled daughter is a high level ballet dancer who was just accepted to Princeton based on academic merits. Another child at her school who is relatively average academically speaking also was accepted, but as a distinguished water polo player. So I would suspect that athletes may follow a different path in their admissions office.

I would be curious to know what your athlete is studying. I believe it would be quite difficult to do a technical major like engineering at Princeton and be able to practice tennis at a high level concurrently.
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