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Originally Posted by Mainad View Post
Probably not. Besides, hurricanes only ever happen at the USO!

so much wrong with the donald, i don't know where to begin. really seems like it's too late to make many changes now anyway. as low as he's ranked now he's gonna have to either qualify (does he want to put out the effort to do that and can he win?) or get wildcards (does anyone really want to spend a wildcard on him still?). now that the usta does tournaments to decide wildcards, he'd have to win those too. he seems like he's too stubborn to change and if he did fire his parents, get a new coach and actually listens to them and makes changes to his game, how much time does he physically have left on the tour?

with the donald, i always wonder "when is he gonna quit and go be a pro somewhere?" maybe i'm wrong, i hope i'm wrong but i think it's about over for him.

btw, i don't think i'd get many games off dy. sure i might get a couple points here and there, but you cannot my ability to play with immeasurable stupidity!
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