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Originally Posted by Sakkijarvi View Post
I am for drop-feeding and wouldn't sell it short unless you've tried it.

It was one of the main training methods I used to get back into the game after a layoff of about 20 years.

Good thing was being able to head out for a break from work, to the local courts, on my time. Dropped and hit countless forehands and backhands. Same thing with my serve. I hadn't joined a club at that point, and used the outdoor courts that were a) Less than 5 minutes from my work; b) Always empty during the day (as in completely empty so there was no distractions from training and no one to worry about while hitting hoppers of balls).

I credit drop-feeding with developing the consistent and strong serve that is my main weapon to this day. Also helped me work up my down the line forehand, also one of my weapons.
Wasn't there some kind of story about how Djokovic used hand feeds to fix his forehand a few years back?

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